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My P2P4U Football online is a site dedicated to bringing you the latest football news, topics, and updates… so whether you are watching live football or wanting to read news on the latest football updates we will be providing you with the goods.  We cover both American Football (the NFL) and European Football (the Champions League) so no matter which football you enjoy watching live we have you covered.  The NFL right now is in a lockout with the Players suing the NFL and the owners because they want a bigger piece of the pie.  We may feel sympathetic for them if they weren’t already very wealthy.  Over in European football one of the most popular clubs was just purchased by an American billionaire so it will be interesting to see how the fans react to the new owner from across the pond.  This will definitely be a football topic that I will be watching closely.
Many people enjoy watching football live online and both NFL and Euro League fans are no exception to this. With new technology you can either watch the football games live online, or you could also hook your computer up to your TV and watch live football on your regular TV through your computer connection. This way you don’t need to stare at the computer screen but can lay down on the couch and watch the live games. We will give you tips on how to do this as the season progresses.

As the European Champions League is in full swing there is many things to watch for.  Will the superstars shine or we will be disappointed with some of football’s brightest stars as they underperform.  Which team will rise to the top, will it be one of the favored teams or will an underdog creep out of the shadows and claim the Euro Cup?  A lot of teams have potential so it will be interesting to watch which team pulls it out in the end.

Here at My P2P4U Football we are all watching the saga that is going on with the NFL.  NFL football fans are right now fearing that there will be no NFL season and this is a distinct possibility at this point in time.  We don’t think anyone really wants this (the players only get a year older and a year closer to retirement) and the NFL owners will miss out on a year of revenue and those guys didn’t become rich by missing out on opportunities.  We will need to wait and watch what is going to happen this season with the NFL, the teams, the owners, and the players.  One group that this drama really hurts is in the incoming class of rookies who have waited their whole life to play professional football and now when the chance is in front of them there might be a year delay.

Check back with us often as we cover the NFL games and the Euro League matches and give the scores, our analysis, and updates on labor issues within the leagues.  We’ll keep a close watch on developments within football on both sides of the Atlantic and keep you in the loop with the information that all you football fans need and want.  My P2P4u Football is your total source for all football worldwide!

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